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PeopleFluent for Manufacturing

Hire, Develop and Retain Skilled Talent to Build Better Products
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Empowering Over 400 Manufacturers Worldwide

Fast paced and complex, Manufacturers strive for innovation and quality at the lowest cost possible. Hire, develop, and ensure high performance from your teams to meet customer expectations. Attract and hire skilled labor faster. Develop and retain talent to sustain operational excellence.

PeopleFluent provides talent acquisition and talent management cloud-based applications to build and drive high performing teams, no matter how diverse, how they’re employed, or where they’re located. PeopleFluent also ensures the necessary visibility to increase productivity and drive growth.


Bridge the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Attract, Hire, Develop, and Retain Skilled Talent

Start sourcing, hiring, and onboarding skilled labor quicker. Robust talent pipeline capabilities help you affectively attract hard-to-find STEM labor. Coupled with a talent development solution you are able to train and retain top talent.

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Drive Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality

Build Better Products

Drive strategies like Lean, Six Sigma, ISO 9001 and others, while identifying the talent you need. Understand training requirements and use real-time data to ensure productivity.

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Minimize Compliance Risk

Control Costs, Ensure Safety, and Support Regulations

Stay compliant. Track and analyze compliance data through standard reporting and analytics. Achieve performance goals through the use of continuous development plans based on a comprehensive talent profile.

Motorola Case Study: High-Volume Compliance

Optimize for Globalization

Off-Shoring, Near-Shoring, Re-Shoring & Multinationals

Make real-time decisions about workforce and production locations around the globe. Increase visibility into talent performance with information that supports global currencies, hierarchical structures, and local reporting. Create a total talent framework.

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Ensure Diversity & Inclusion

Foster a Culture That Drives Retention and Innovation

Achieve business goals by enabling and embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion. Identify areas of improvement, align with goals, and increase collaboration. Produce more and retain top talent with a diverse workforce.

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